Kahi Neves transitioning to defense

Kahi Neves is making the full-time transition to the defensive side of the ball. Read on to see how that transition has gone and more.

Throughout most of his high school career, Kahi Neves thought of himself as a quarterback. Now that he is in college, however, Neves is strictly a linebacker.

“I am new to the whole defensive side of the ball and Coach Yates has made it a lot easier on me by teaching me and I think the whole coaching staff has helped me become a better player,” Neves said.

Neves may get frustrated at times, but he has plenty of talent to rely on.

“The transition has been good,” he said. “It gets a little difficult at times because I have been playing quarterback my whole life, but for the most part I use my athletic ability and with the help of the coaching staff, it has been good.”

Linebacker is one of the few positions on defense with some solid depth, but that hasn’t been a topic of conversation for the freshman linebacker.

“It isn’t something I have really thought about,” Neves said. “We have a lot of good linebackers and we are confident in the older guys doing their job. The younger guys are always prepared and ready for any time the coaches need us.”

Neves has been able to learn from one upperclassman in particular.

“DeAndre Miller has been a great influence and example for me,” he said. “He helps me with everything. We play the same position and he helps me every single day not only with football stuff, but in the weight room and even just life in general.

“The hardest part is the speed of the game. I don’t have my family out here and that can be difficult, but game speed for football is fast and living the college life is definitely faster.”

As Neves went through the recruiting process, he saw plenty of college football games. Now he is just days away from his first.

“It’s exciting, especially being a freshman,” he said. “I haven’t experienced one of these ever, so it is definitely exciting. 

“Taking recruiting trips and going to a couple games, being there as a fan was cool. I can only imagine being a player.”

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