Francisco Nelson confident in abilities

Freshman Francisco Nelson discusses his confidence, the defense as a whole, and more.

Francisco Nelson came to Arizona as a bit of a question mark in terms of his future position, but he has transitioned well into a defensive lineman.

“Camp went very well for me,” Nelson said. “I worked hard and felt I improved as a defensive line. 

“I had a small injury, but I felt I came back quickly and gave the coaches a good impression that I am a true freshman ready to play.”

Defensive line coach Vince Amey has made Nelson’s transition to a full-time defensive lineman an easy one.

“Coach Amey is the best coach I have ever had,” he said. “He is cool and he keeps it real with us. 

“He tells us what we need to do, what we need to improve on, if we need to study more, and that is something I need.”

In order for Nelson to be a successful pass rusher, he knows he needs to gain some weight.

“I want to get up to 260 and I am 230 now,” he said. “I need to force myself to eat. I have gained ten pounds of muscle already since I have been here.”

Nelson has had no problem leaning on teammates for advice.

“The heat has been the biggest adjustment,” he said. “We practiced all summer in the heat and I kept getting used to it. 

“As the days go by, I listen to the people that have been here before and motivate me to keep getting better.

“This defense is going to be great. We have a new coaching staff and new plays and everybody is excited. 

“Everybody is trying to fight for a position and playing time, but we’re also working as a team and motivating each other.”

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