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Griffey has confidence in quarterbacks

Trey Griffey has confidence in his quarterbacks. Read on to see why he says Anu Solomon has changed and more.

On Monday, Rich Rodriguez chose not to name a starting quarterback and if wide receiver Trey Griffey already knows, he surely isn’t giving any hints.

“We have no clue who the starting quarterback is going to be,” Griffey said. “We will find out probably ten minutes before the game or maybe the first snap is when we will find out.”

Anu Solomon is considered the favorite to start and Griffey has seen a renewed sense of dedication from him.

“As far as the quarterback role, he is always on the receiver’s routes,” Griffey said. “We are talking to him every day. He always wants to watch film and he is basically becoming the quarterback Coach Rodriguez wants him to be. 

“That’s the biggest change I have seen from him. It was there, but I think he has become more of a true quarterback who wants to be more successful.”

Griffey is hoping that his ability to play multiple receiver spots will be beneficial to either Solomon or Brandon Dawkins.

“For Samajie and Nate, it took them maybe five day to learn,” Griffey said. “It took me some time because the majority of the time I was working as an outside receiver. 

“It probably took me a couple months to sit down with Coach Dews, Coach Smith, and Coach Magee. They would teach me the easiest way to learn it and I would have a quiz every day.”

With numerous receivers able to move around, Griffey believes it puts pressure on the opposing defense.

“It helps out a lot,” he said. “As far as one receiver runs a deep route and the next play runs a five-yard route. 

“It brings something different to the table when you go up against defensive backs that only play one position.”

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