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Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. BYU picks the winner of Arizona vs. BYU.

Cody James Martin: It is rough to start a season on the road with an entirely new coaching staff, but that is what BYU has to do. The Cougars may have a Heisman winner, but he's on the sidelines and hasn't proven he can scheme at the collegiate level. Arizona's offense should be one of the best in the country if it can stay healthy and that could be the difference. 

Anu Solomon has led Arizona to several close wins in the last two years and he'll do it again to open the season. The junior leads a perfect two minute drill to erase memories of the Fiesta Bowl and Josh Pollack nails the game winner as time expires. 

Arizona 37, BYU 35

Michael Luke: I'm thoroughly looking forward to this game for a few reasons: First, I have no clue what to expect from the UA defense, but, that said, I think this unit will surprise to a certain extent this season. Look for more forced turnovers this season.

Second, I have no clue what to expect from the BYU offense. Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams are studs, but how will Detmer utilize them? I tend to think these teams, from a talent perspective are  pretty even and I really have no clear reason to pick Arizona, but here goes.

Arizona 41, BYU 38

Ben White: This game comes down to Arizona's ability to stop BYU’s Taysom Hill. Despite injuries the past two seasons, Hill is a duel threat QB who can pick apart a defense with his rushing capabilities particularly in the red zone. Arizona is going to have to find the passer early and create enough pressure to force some stops defensively. 

From offensive standpoint, look for the Wildcats to establish the run early. The Cougars are without arguably their best defensive player in Travis Tuiloma which will open up holes at the line of scrimmage. Nick Wilson and Orlando Bradford will likely become a part of this offense early on. 

In the end, both teams have their question marks but BYU has the slight edge on both sides of the ball and this is why the Cougars will squeeze out of this one. 

BYU 35, Arizona 28

Jason Scheer: I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in this game. I would be surprised if Arizona can’t score and without Travis Tuiloma, the Wildcats will absolutely be able to run the ball. 

However, Arizona also has to stop a more mature BYU offense with a dynamic quarterback and I am not sure it can do it.

The only result that would surprise me is Arizona blowing out BYU. I think the defense is going to play better than people think because of the motivation factor and I’m not sure Taysom Hill is going to be as an effective runner as people think.

Arizona 34, BYU 31

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