Arizona falls short against BYU

BYU defeated Arizona 18-16 Saturday night. Read on for a complete recap.

Arizona's offense failed to find a rhythm despite the defense playing well, as a 33-yard field goal by BYU with seconds remaining led BYU over Arizona 18-16 Saturday night at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Arizona went three and out to start the game and BYU took over on its own 36. Moroni Laulu-Pututau gained six on first down. Jamaal Williams gained a yard on the ground and Taysom Hill picked top four more for the first down.

Williams gained six and Hill hit Tanner Balderree for five yards. Williams then lost a yard and gained two. On third down, a sack by Carrington Vaughn forced a BYU punt and Arizona took over on its own 20.

Nick Wilson lost three on first down and after an incomplete pass, Anu Solomon found Trey Griffey for 32 yards.

Arizona got called for a false start and Wilson lost one on first down. Griffey then gained 12, but was sacked on third down and the Wildcats were forced to punt. 

BYU started on its own 16 with a nine-yard run by Williams and four more on second down. Jonah Trinnaman caught a four-yard pass and Williams gained five on the ground.

Algernon Brown proceeded to pick up five of his own and Jonah Trinnaman caught a seven-yard pass after an incompletion.

Arizona forced an incompletion on third down and got the ball on its own one after a BYU punt.

Wilson picked up two runs for six yards before gaining two more. Solomon then hit Samajie Grant for six and a three-yard run by Wilson gave Arizona a first down to end the first quarter 0-0.

Wilson gained two to start the quarter, but the drive stalled with a sack on third down. The ensuing punt was then returned to BYU’s 48-yard line. 

Trinnaman caught a nine-yard pass and Williams proceeded to run for 33, but a block in the back brought it back.

Hill kept the ball for a gain of eight and Williams followed with four. Arizona then held BYU to only one yard combined on the next two plays and an incompletion on third.

The Cougars settled for a 24-yard field goal and took a 3-0 lead with 10:42 left in the first half.

Arizona started on its own 15 with a 10-yard pass to Griffey. Grant then caught a pass for five yards and Phillips for 15.

The Wildcats did not get anything going on the next two downs and Solomon threw a bad interception on third to give BYU the ball on its own 35.

Williams started the drive with a 13-yard run. Hunter Marshall then caught a 10-yard pass and Colby Pearson caught one for 15.

Squally Canada gained four on the ground before Laulu-Pututau caught a nine-yard pass. Arizona forced a third and long, but Williams caught a 10-yard pass to get to within fourth and inches.

The Cougars picked it up with a three-yard run from Brown to bering the ball to Arizona’s two. On second down, Brayden El-Bakri ran it in from a yard out, but the missed extra point kept the lead at 9-0 with 2:53 left in the half.

Arizona took over on its own 38 with a two-yard run by Wilson. Phillips then caught an eight-yard pass and BYU was called for pass interference on the next play.

On first down, Arizona got a penalty for an illegal man downfield and J.J. Taylor lost four on the next play.

Phillips proceeded to gain 21 yards to BYU’s 25. on second down, Solomon found Josh Kern for six yards.

However, on third down, Solomon ran backwards and took a sack for a loss of 16 yards, putting Arizona out of field goal position.

The Wildcats tried anyway, but Josh Pollack’s field goal was wide and BYU took a 9-0 lead into the half.

Arizona forced a BYU punt on the first drive of the half and took over on its own two. Wilson started with a seven-yard run and two plays later, Griffey caught a 12-yard pass. 

The Cougars were then called for a facemask and Wilson gained 33 yards on the ground. The drive then fell short, however, as Solomon was sacked on third down.

Pollack came in and nailed a 46-yard field goal to cut the BYU lead to 9-3 with 5:59 left in the third quarter.

BYU got the ball on its own 25 and after a false start, Brown caught a 14-yard pass. Two plays later Hill ran for 11 yards.

Hill then threw an incomplete pass and found Kurtz for nine yards on a second down. An incomplete pass on third forced a punt and Arizona took over on its own 20.

Arizona went three and out on its ensuing drive and BYU took over on its own 20. Williams ran for 36 yards on first down and then gained five more. Pearson proceeded to catch a six-yard pass to end the third quarter.

Hill ran for one yard and Williams gained five. Hill picked up four more before Williams added seven of his own.

Hill ran for right yards and two plays later found Pearson for the six-yard touchdown. The two-point conversion failed and BYU led 15-3 with 11:36 left. 

Arizona got the ball on its own 25 and started with a 19-yard pass to Shawn Poindexter After an incomplete pass, Solomon ran for six yards.

He then proceeded to find T.J. Johnson for gains of 20 and 8. Wilson ran for seven yards and followed with a 15-yard touchdown run as the extra point cut the BYU lead to 15-10 with 9:33 left. 

BYU started on its own 25 with a one-yard run by Williams. The Cougars were then called for a delay of game and false start, as the drive eventually led to a punt that gave Arizona the ball on its own 33.

Arizona was quickly forced into third and seven and Solomon threw a terrible pass up the middle that was intercepted at the BYU 45.

The Wildcats started on their own 20 with a 24-yard pass to Nate Phillips. Solomon then gained four and hit Grant for three.

On the next play, Wilson scored on a 49-yard run with 1:26 left. The Wildcats went for the two-point conversion, but it failed and the lead stood at 16-15.

A nice return brought BYU to its own 31. Laulu-Pututau caught a 17-yard pass on first down. Trinnaman then gained three in the air and two plays later, added 11.

Williams proceeded to run for 12 and got six more as BYU reached Arizona’s 20 with 35 seconds left. 

BYU ran a few more plays and the 33-yard field goal won the Cougars the game.

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