Rodriguez shows confidence in Solomon

Despite a below average performance by his quarterback, Rich Rodriguez showed confidence in Anu Solomon after the loss to BYU.

Anu Solomon threw two more interceptions than touchdowns in Saturday’s 18-16 loss to BYU and after the game was quick to take the blame.

“This game’s on me,” Solomon said. “I gotta step it up. We get better and play better.”

When asked what Solomon needed to do in order to improve, he simply pointed to his overall game.

“Just playing,” he said. “I mean everything I do. Like I said this game is on me and I just gotta play better. 

“It’s our first game and we have things to correct. And hopefully this loss will make the team become close and hopefully win out this season.”

There’s no question that Solomon needs to improve or Arizona will struggle this season, but Rodriguez seemed to be committed to him after the game.

“There might have been a thing or two that Brandon could have changed up for them but I have 100% confidence in Solomon,” Rodriguez said. “It’s hard when you come out your first game and you don’t play well. 

“Everybody wants to point to the quarterback and say that’s his fault, but you don’t know all the factors. Maybe there was a breakdown in the route or the protection or it was a bad play call or something. There is always a lot of factors.”

Despite Solomon’s struggles, Rodriguez seemed happy with his quarterback’s mentality.

“One thing about Anu is that he battles,” Rodriguez said. “He competes and he is going to keep competing. I know him well enough and he is going to keep competing. 

“He did all the way to the last whistle and that’s why he is an outstanding player. But whatever we got to fix here, we will get there."

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