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9/6 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Tuesday's practice.

* Rich Rodriguez did not have many complaints Tuesday about Arizona's first true practice since the loss to BYU

"I thought it was okay," Rodriguez said. "I think it is because it was 7 A.M. or a little warm, we had to jump start it a little bit. Guys usually work pretty hard and we had some good sessions. As I told the team, there is nothing that happened in the last game that we can’t correct and that is an encouraging thing."

* Arizona emphasized creating turnovers, as Rodriguez wasn't happy that BYU was able to control possession. 

"If you get your hands on the ball, you want to intercept it," he said. "I think I saw the team doing a few more turnover drills today. Sometimes it’s a matter of those guys on defense working on the machines as hard as the wide outs do. Those are opportunities that you want to make for sure."

* Rodriguez wasn't necessarily disappointed that Arizona didn't score quickly, but he would have at least liked to see some success on offense.

"I think it is important that you at least get some first downs and get some momentum going," he said. "We had poor field position, we didn’t get first downs, and we were off the field too quickly offensively with short series. For us, we’ve always been better when we get some rhythm."

* Special teams struggled on Saturday, especially in coverage.

"I thought Josh punted and kicked okay, but our coverage units weren’t as good as they could have been on the punt team and on the last kickoff we didn’t cover as well," Rodriguez said.

"The kickoff return was poor and the punt block wasn’t as good as we hoped. I’m sure every coach can complain about things, but we put a lot of time into special teams. Coach Ragle has busted his tail and our guys have a lot of pride in it, so we have to be better."

* Gerhard De Beer has taken some criticism for his play on Saturday, but Rodriguez pointed the finger a bit at something else.

"He was solid," Rodriguez said. "Some of the things that came through was an unblocked guy because we were out-numbered, so we just have to get rid of the ball."

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