9/7 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez meets with the media after Wednesday's practice.

* Arizona practiced in the stadium on Wednesday due to the weather, which was not the ideal situation for the coaching staff.

"Certainly you don’t have as much room on the stadium field and it is hard to pitch and catch because the ball is really wet," Rich Rodriguez said. "We got work in though, so it was okay."

* There were numerous upsets around college football last weekend and that's not something that has gone unnoticed.

"We will talk about it," Rodriguez said. "They’ve got 60 something guys on scholarships and a lot of good players. You look every week and somebody gets upset because they’re not focused or the other team plays really good. You have to get their attention and I think our guys will be ready to play."

* One of the main players Arizona will look to stop is Grambling State quarterback Devante Kincade.

"He’s very athletic and they will run some spread principle and zone reads and run pass stuff," Rodriguez said. "Some stuff our guys are used to seeing, but their quarterback is really impressive.

"We missed a couple of assignments on Taysom Hill and they got us a few times, but our guys see it every day and should be ready for it."

* When looking at the tape, Rodriguez saw numerous opportunities for Anu Solomon to make a different play than he did.

"There were some opportunities to run and take off," he said. "He’s better when he’s throwing on the run and he has had some games where he has run really well. He has to take what the defense gives us. That’s the biggest thing for us. We have to take what the defensive gives us."

* Before the BYU game, Arizona held a special ceremony for Zach Hemmila and there could be something similar on Saturday as well.

"It was certainly emotional," Rodriguez said. "We knew going in it was going to be an emotional time for us and the family. I had not seen his mom and dad since the service, so it was good to see them before the game."

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