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Solomon knows there is room for improvement

After his performance against BYU, Anu Solomon knows there is room for improvement. Read on to see why that is and more.

Following Arizona’s loss to BYU on Saturday night, countless conversations surrounded the fate of Anu Solomon as the starting quarterback moving forward, but the third year starter is quick to criticize his overall play.

“I still have the same thoughts today as I did after the game”, Solomon said. “I’m mad at myself for a number of reasons. There’s things on the field I just didn’t see when BYU brought more guys closer and closer to the line of scrimmage.”

“All week long we had been preparing for a defense that we didn’t even end up seeing. That really screwed us up. Regardless, we’re all veterans and it shouldn’t take us two quarters to figure out what they’re running. We did what we can, but it should never take that long.” 

Solomon missed a number of reads throughout the game, including Arizona’s first offensive snap in which the redshirt junior rolled out on a three-man blitz and failed to see three wide open receivers.

The quarterback acknowledges these mistakes and understands the importance of taking responsibility in order to move forward.

“That play was on me,” Solomon said. “I shouldn’t have been so quick to throw the ball away. Everybody ran the right route and all of our linemen blocked the right assignment. That play was just me being dumb. I know that can’t happen in the future. I was just being greedy and trying to make a bigger play but that didn’t happen.” 

“It was really hard to look at the film yesterday. A big part of that is my fault because I’m the guy everyone on offense looks up to. I should take the blame for a lot of what happened on Saturday. Things will get better and at the end of the day, we all have to be on the same page.”

A significant portion of Solomon’s struggles were a result of major unknown factors on the defensive side of the ball.

“It’s always a pre and post snap process every single play," he said. “Like we’ve talked about, we practiced for a defense all week that we didn’t see and it hurt us a lot. Things were really confusing for me the first two drives, but as time went on we got more comfortable with things.”

“The first game is always the hardest and I think a lot of our guys just had jitters. We can’t have that moving forward.”

In essence, Solomon is prepared to use the Grambling State game as an opportunity to improve upon fundamentals. 

“This game is all about fixing the little things,” he said. “We’re going to fix all the mistakes we made last week and just be ready to role. Grambling State is a great team. They’re a very athletic group and this is college football, we can’t take them lightly at all and we still have a lot to work on.

“I’m focused on keeping my eyes at the right place instead of trying to always make the big play. It’s one down at a time and that’s something I didn’t have planted in my head against BYU.

"You can’t try to make things bigger than they are. I’m trying to make a big play, but there’s a receiver right in front of me. I have to take that opportunity.” 

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