Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. Grambling State

WildcatAuthority makes its picks for week two.

Cody Martin: There is really no reason for this game to be close at all unless Brandon Dawkins literally can't play. Grambling State has some weapons on offense, but the reality is that there is no way that it will be able to consistently stop Arizona on defense. 

Dawkins shows what he can do against an FCS defense and accounts for 4 total touchdowns. Nick Wilson gets some rest after his second rushing touchdown and the fans get a heavy dose of JJ Taylor. 

Overall: 0-1

Arizona 55, Grambling 17

Ben White: As offensive unit against BYU, Arizona's offense struggled and only ran 56 total plays. This won’t be the case this week. I’m expecting a slugfest early as the talent level of Grambling State is simply incomparable to most power five programs. Arizona will move to the ball early and things will get out of hand.

However, the conversation surrounding this game for Arizona fans is who will be starting at quarterback. Anu Solomon is listed as questionable going into this matchup with a knee injury and all signs point to sophomore Brandon Dawkins making the start. If Dawkins plays well, which I am fully expecting him to if under center, where do things go? Does Rich Rodriguez evaluate Dawkins as a true starter moving forward? Only time will tell and it all starts with Arizona slaughtering Grambling State.

Overall: 1-0

Arizona 52, Grambling State 14

Michael Luke: Brandon Dawkins will likely get the opportunity to prove he is worthy of starting and he's going to make the most out of it. Expect him to run for 100 yards and pass for 200 more as the question will arise as to whether or not Anu Solomon gets his job back.

Overall: 0-1

Arizona 63, Grambling State 10

Jason Scheer: There's no reason this game should be remotely close and if it is, the Wildcats have major problems. I don't see any way Grambling State stops Arizona and I would probably say the same with Zach Werlinger behind center. Expect Nick Wilson to get an easy 150 yards with the most entertaining part of the game being the Grambling State band. 

Overall: 0-1

Arizona 56, Grambling 10


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