Breakdown: Grambling State's Six Turnovers

Grambling State turned the ball over six times in a loss to Arizona Saturday night. We take a closer look at what caused each of the turnovers.

Although Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles made a nice jump on the ball, this one didn't look like the Arizona defense had much to do with it. The pass rush was only slightly there and Trevon Cherry wasn't under any real kind of pressure. It looked as if there was a miscommunication between Cherry and the wide receiver, but Arizona will take it.

Make no mistake about it, a lot of this is on Cherry. However, Jack Banda does a nice job of forcing Cherry out of the pocket and Paul Magloire finished the job. The smarter play from Cherry would have been running out of bounds or even throwing it, but he panicked under decent pressure and threw it right to Whittaker.

This one is all Grambling State. The pitch is fine, but the running back takes his eye off the ball. Arizona does a nice job of hitting the ground as soon as the ball hits, but this is a gift to the defense.

This play is all Cody Ippolito. He beats his man right from the start, which forces the center to move over and block him. When that happens, Parker Zellers also beats his man and is able to force the fumble, which Ippolito recovers. The first three turnovers are mostly Grambling State's fault, but this is all Arizona's. The defense overloads the Grambling State offensive line and both Zellers and Ippolito make an aggressive play on the ball.

This play probably doesn't happen if Jarvis McCall makes a good play. His receiver is open for an easy reception and then he has major difficulty making the tackle. The receiver gets wrapped up by McCall and Matthews comes in and strips it, which is what he is taught to do. If McCall makes the right play and even if he tackles the receiver right away, Matthews probably does not force the fumble. This play has good and bad, but the clutch play by Matthews is one of the better ones in the game.

Matthews comes in like a rocket and he needed to make the sack, but completely misread his speed compared to the quarterback movement. When he misses the sack, Cherry rolls out and throws across his body, making an awful throw right into Jarvis McCall's hands. Credit Matthews for getting him out of the pocket, but this is another play that probably does not happen if he makes the tackle like he is supposed to.

Final Analysis: Forcing six turnovers in any manner is impressive, but at least two of them were completely gifted to Arizona's defense. We doubt Arizona wins unless it forces these turnovers and it deserves credit. With that being said, there were a ton of mistakes and some of them even led to the turnovers because if the play is as successful as it is designed to be, it ends before Grambling State even has the opportunity to turn it over.

Arizona's defense was much better in the second half against Grambling, but I don't think anybody would say it was good. There were way too many missed tackled, especially in the secondary. Arizona will need to improve in that regard or the defense is going to struggle with the better teams.

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