Freddie Tagaloa working to meet expectations

Freddie Tagaloa is working to meet expectations. Read on to see why he has struggled so far and more.

Perhaps no player went into last season with more hype than offensive lineman Freddie Tagaloa

While there were some nice moments, it was a junior campaign plagued by inconsistency and, despite his permanent move to guard, the inconsistency has remained.

“I think too much at times,” Tagaloa said.  “I need to stop thinking and when I go out there and play naturally I play better. I know I can do better and I’m going to continue to do so.”

Not surprisingly, the loss of Zach Hemmila hasn’t been an easy situation for the offensive line.

“Firs off, Nathan is doing a really good job; it’s just different though because Zach knew all of the plays,” Tagaloa said. “Nobody was calling anything because that was all on him because he knew everything, but Nathan picked up some of the good things.”

After Arizona’s struggles with Grambling State, Tagaloa is not taking Hawaii lightly.

“They can put up points and they have some good athletes that can bring multiple looks,” he said. “You look at their first two games and there were times in the game where they played really well.

“We have a really strong unit here and we just need to come together. We knew going into the season that we should be good.

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