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Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. Washington picks the winner of Arizona vs. Washington

Ben White: It’s difficult to see how Arizona gets a win against a team loaded with such superior talent on both sides of the ball. Quarterback Jake Browning has progressed significantly and the Huskies have an assortment of offensive weapons that will give any defense problems.

On the other hand, it’s fair to say Washington hasn’t had a real test this season having played cookie cutter opponents of Rutgers, Idaho and Portland State in the non-conference schedule. Will they continue this place of play as the conference schedule begins? This game will start to answer that question. 

Arizona’s offense has shown poise with Brandon Dawkins as the starting quarterback, but it’s hard to imagine the Wildcats putting up enough points to stay in this one. The secondary will struggle to slow down Washington’s receivers, defensive pressure upfront won’t be there, and it whatever the offense brings to the table, it won’t be enough to beat a top ten program.

Washington 38, Arizona 14

Overall: 3-0

Cody James Martin: It is true that Washington hasn't played anyone who resembles a decent football team this season, but the Huskies have looked far superior in all of those games, which is more than you can say for Arizona, who was nearly 1-2 if not for a 6 turnover half from Grambling State. Washington is the better team and will show it this weekend.

The Huskies are the real deal and if Chris Peterson is anywhere close to a solid coach, he will have Jake Browning pick on the secondary all night and let his defense do the rest. 

The Wildcats get solid, promising play across the board, but it isn't enough to top the Huskies.

Washington 35, Arizona 24

Overall: 2-1

Michael Luke: Quite frankly,  I'm skeptical of Washington. There is way too much hype given to a program that never seems to win more than 7 games.

I'm also not sure Peterson is a good coach, because Boise State coaches tend to suck anywhere but Boise. That said, Arizona doesn't have anywhere near the talent Washington does. As long as the Huskies don't get cute, they should roll.

Washington 38, Arizona 21

Overall 2-1

Jason Scheer: I really, really want to pick Arizona in this game but I'm convincing myself not to. It's not necessarily that Arizona is better than Washington, but this is the definition of a trap game. Nobody is picking Arizona to win, Washington is playing Stanford on short rest next week, and the Huskies are facing their first decent opponent in their first road game of the season.

With that being said, I'm just not sure Arizona has enough on the line. I think Washington's run game eventually wears the Wildcats down and the Huskies pull away in the fourth quarter.

Washington 38, Arizona 28

Overall: 2-1


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