Injuries frustrating for Arizona

Rich Rodriguez expressed frustration with Arizona's injuries. Read on to see what he and quarterback Brandon Dawkins had to say and more.

Arizona may have lost to Washington on Saturday night, but the loss wasn’t the only reason for the Wildcats to be somber.

Freshman J.J. Taylor broke his ankle in the third quarter and Rich Rodriguez had no intention of hiding his frustration.

“They’re extremely frustrating,” Rodriguez said. “I mean JJ Taylor breaks his ankle and this guy is going to be lights out for us. He is lights out. He’ll be back at that level again whenever he comes back. It’s unbelievable.”

Quarterback Brandon Dawkins remained proud of his team despite the overtime loss.

“I think the performance tonight is a testament to what our team is,” Dawkins said Saturday. 

“Ever since I’ve gotten here we’ve always been looked down upon as a group and I just feel that this was a good statement we made here.

“Obviously you always want to come out with the win but to face the ninth best team in the nation and put up a fight like that, I’m really proud of the guys.”

In essence, player such as Dawkins understand a tough road is ahead and injuries cannot defer the group’s mindset and play moving forward. 

“Obviously you hate to see a guy go down but you don’t want to look at it as bad luck,” Dawkins said. 

“You just have to think of it as the next man up, whoever that may be. It’s just the opportunity our next guys have to take. That’s the way I look at it.” 

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