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9/30 Arizona Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez touched on numerous topics in anticipation of UCLA.

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* As expected Arizona is looking for more options at running back and the Wildcats worked out a receiver earlier this week.

“We’re repping Samajie Grant over there a little bit,” Rich Rodriguez said. “Tyrell is over there, Zach Green, Branden Leon. We may rep somebody else there tomorrow too. It’s unfortunate, but we’ll have enough guys to play.”

* Even if Grant does not play running back, Rodriguez wants to get him involved more on offense.

“He’s just an explosive player.” He said. “I would like to get him so more touches anyway because he can do some things with the ball.”

* Branden Leon is another player that has worked hard to contribute.

“He is a tough guy, runs hard, and has some good skills,” Rodriguez said. “He has really worked hard to get bigger, faster, and stronger too. I’m proud of him.”

* Brandon Dawkins certainly is not the only mobile quarterback Rodriguez has coached and he compared Dawkins to some of his others.

“They are all kind of unique,” he said. “Pat White would take one step and then he is full speed. Denard Robinson was a freak. We had Rasheed Marshall, who is probably the most similar to Brandon, my first year at West Virginia. He was kind of a longer stride, but faster than you think.

“Brandon is faster than you think. I don’t know what his 40 time is, but once he gets going he is such a competitive runner that he can pull away from people.”

* Rodriguez likes a confident quarterback and so far Dawkins has fit the mold.

“He has never lacked confidence, but when you play and have some success, and he can play a lot better, trust me, when you play and have some success that increases confidence,” Rodriguez said. “What he has to make sure to do is continue to work on his game and the things he can get better at.

“I don’t worry too much about Brandon’s confidence. He is a Snapchat, Instagram king. I am sure he gets a lot of likes on whatever he posts.”

* Dawkins has worked to fully understand the offense and the coaching staff is helping him with that process.

“I don’t know if it is a better grasp, but the more reps you get, the more comfortable you are with the play calls,” Rodriguez said.

“What we have to make sure we do is that we don’t over burden him with the play calls too much. Every week you want to add new stuff for the team you play and we have to make sure we don’t over burden him with that, so he can keep playing efficiently.”

* Rodriguez was asked if he has considered changing training methods due to injury and he was quick to shoot the idea down.

“I don’t think it is different because why wouldn’t it be every guy at every position?” Rodriguez said. “I have 100 percent confidence in our training methods. I think it is just bad luck.

“One guy got kind of pushed a little late and then Nick got rolled up. We have two ankles on kind of freak things at one position. Anu got rolled up on an accident in practice. It’s just bad luck.”

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