Shun Brown progressing quickly

Shun Brown has arguably been Arizona's best receiver this season. Read on to see what he has to say about his performance and more.

Shun Brown is only in his second year with the Arizona football program, but the sophomore has quietly positioned himself as the Wildcat’s break out receiver in a unit permeated with third and fourth year players. 

“Things have just really been working for me,” Brown said. “Last week I had a good game and in this offense, any receiver can have good break out games, so it’s really just about spreading the ball around and whoever is open is open.

“Next week it won’t be me and then next week it will be me. It just all depends on how the game goes and all the other things to go into it. I think our offense is like a basketball game and whoever is getting the ball, that’s because they are going to have the best chance to score.”

Brown is leading the receiving unit with 213 yards on the season. 114 of them came in Arizona’s loss to Washington, which included a 54-yard pass that put the Wildcats inside the 15 leading to a touchdown that sent the matchup to overtime. The sophomore attributes those types of plays to the detailed fundamentals of Arizona’s offense.

“Our quarterback is throwing to me based off what goes on at that point in the game,” Brown said. “Him running the offense in whatever the situation is, picking the receiver and then the receiver not only catching the ball, but doing their part after the catch to move us down field, which I did on that play.”

Brown carries a competitive mindset that continues to factor into his game on and off the field. 

“I think we can beat anybody,” Brown said. “I always have that way of thinking and it carries over to the whole team. When you are this close to beating the ninth best team in the country it hits you. We should have beaten Washington, but we just came up short.

“Sometimes that happens but you can’t let that bring you down. It’s on to the next one and just have to make sure to win out.” 

Despite above average play, Brown knows there is significant area for improvement in the weeks to come.  

“I’m always trying to get better,” Brown said. “We always are working on stuff like the top of our routes, press releases and other things you have to get down as a starting receiver. Coach Dews is always on us and I continue to work on mostly those two things."

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