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10/5 Arizona Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez discusses possible changes at corner and on special teams, quarterbacks, and more.

* Isaiah Hayes has shown he is a fast learner and a major part of that is because his father played in the NFL

"I think the one thing is he has been around football his whole life, so I think that gets passed down naturally," Rich Rodriguez said "Being around it, football being important, being able to learn some things from his dad. His dad was a tough, competitive guy and you see that kind of in Isaiah."

* Arizona has given Khalil Tate more of the offense to learn this week in anticipation of him playing more.

"He will be ready to go," Rodriguez said. "He will be able to do more this week than he was the last couple of weeks just because of the urgency of learning more of the offense.

"Some guys you can add a lot every week and sometimes you want to keep it where it’s at and try not to confuse him. We’re trying to figure that out. The last thing we want to do as coaches is put too much on his plate where he can’t function and he is thinking too much."

* Tate certainly is not the only freshman quarterback playing on Saturday and Rodriguez believes there is a reason for faster development at that position.

"Football has become more of a year round deal with 7 on 7," he said. "Some coaches don’t like 7 on 7, but I think it is great. Guys are playing and it beats laying around the house doing Playstation.

"I think you get more quarterbacks more prepared because they have thrown so much and are used to seeing coverages. High school coaches frankly with technology and all that are doing a great job of getting these kids college ready."

* It's no secret that special teams is a concern and it appears there have been some personnel changes.

"We’re doing the same amount," Rodriguez said. "There is only so much time you can spend on it. The biggest thing is that we have made a few changes personnel wise.

"It is just executing better. it is frustrating at times because we do put a lot of time into it, but the guys know how important it is."

* Arizona's corners have struggled as of late and Donte Williams is taking a harder look at other options.

"Coach Williams is trying several other guys there this week," Rodriguez said. "The guys we’ve got can play. Sometimes you lose a little bit of confidence and I don’t want the guys to do that because we have good enough players where they should have confidence."

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