Kadeem Allen ready to be defensive stopper

Kadeem Allen will be asked to be Arizona's defensive stopper this season. Read on to find out why.

Kadeem Allen played plenty point guard last season, but it appears the Arizona coaching staff is moving away from that and planning to play Allen strictly off the ball.

Instead of it being because of his offensive strength, Sean Miller believes it will help the team defensively.

“Kadeem brings something that we didn't have on last year’s team and that you can take for granted,” Miller said.

“We had a string of four consecutive seasons with a perimeter player you could count on to guard the other team’s best player. I go back as far as Kyle Fogg in his last year. He was great in embracing that challenge and then obviously Nick Johnson, T.J., Rondae.”

Allen was strong defensive last season, but the general thought process is that it was hard for him to put in consistent defensive effort because of the energy needed to run the point.

“I think this year, Kadeem’s toughness, quickness, experience, and he wants to be that guy,” Miller said.

“It’s hard to be that type of player and also be the point guard. By taking him off the ball, it might free him up to bring a valuable asset to the table where he could be a defensive stopper.”

With Allen’s ability, the move makes sense and it is something that Allen actually brought up to his head coach.

“It’s something he has talked to me about wanting to do and I think he would be a great candidate to have that role,” Miller said.


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