Lute Olson Classic: A closer look

The whole Lute Olson All-Star Classic was meant to be a lighthearted affair, but with a number of former Wildcat characters in attendance it was a virtual laugh riot. No one took the game too seriously and that led to a good time for all of the participants and fans in attendance.

Goosebump moment: 11,000+ fans chanting "Steeeeeve Keeeeeeerrrrrr!" during player introductions.

What are you doing? Words mouthed by Tom Tolbert as Gilbert Arenas was guarding him tightly. Tolbert was on the perimeter and wanted to shoot a three-pointer. Arenas guarded the old pro closely while Tolbert tried to get him to back down. Tolbert got the crowd involved by waving his arms. Arenas did not back down and Tolbert passed to Kerr who passed right back. Tolbert hoisted the three, but missed.

On the other end the battle continued, but this time it was Arenas egging on the crowd. Arenas then put a lethal crossover on Tolbert that left the big man frozen. With Tolbert's feet seemingly glued to the floor, Arenas blew by him for an easy dunk.

Gunner:Apparently no one told Jason Terry that a big night would not help the free agent garner a new contract. Terry scored 38 points and jacked up 24 three pointers. But then again maybe a big night will help. Terry made 12 threes.

New Role: Gilbert Arenas signed a six-year, $65 million contract in large part because he could play point guard. Washington Wizard players will be happy to know that he dished out 12 assists.

Best Shot: Joe McLean hit a halfcourt shot with just 1.1 seconds left in the game.

No-shows: Richard Jefferson and Mike Bibby are with Team USA in Puerto Rico, but tried to charter a plane to come to the event. They got a flight out of Puerto Rico, but could not fly back in time for their next game. Ben Davis and Anthony Cook were on the rosters but did not make it to the event.

Give a man a break: Kevin Flanagan had a first quarter bucket but the official scorer missed it and did not give him credit for taking a shot until the second half. Flanagan needed all the help he could get as he had the lowest career scoring average of any player in the All-Star game.

Best Dunks: Sean Elliott had a pair of nice stuffs, but it was 40-year old Pete Williams who brought down the house with a tomahawk slam.

Did Not Play: Miles Simon could not play due to a knee injury. His doctors have told him that he is two months ahead of schedule. He did attempt a shot when a ball landed in his lap on the bench and he shot it while still seated. He missed.

More Tolbert: After a foul, PA announcer Floyd Sedlmayr said, "Foul on Tolbert, Gilbert Arenas gets six shots." With the crowd laughing, Tolbert stormed towards the announce table.

Others In Attendance: Other former players in attendance, but not suited up included: Harvey Mason, Matt Muehlbach, Justin Wessel, John Ash, John Edgar, Kelvin Eafon and Justin Stewart. Other interesting people in attendance included former assistants Scott Thompson, Kevin O'Neal and Jay John.

On The Bench: The coach of the blue was former UA great Bob Elliott, while former Wildcat sharpshooter Joe Nehls coached the white team. Both are now Wildcat broadcasters.

Even More Tolbert: At times during the game music was left on the PA system following time-outs. Sweet Home Alabama was playing as Tolbert started to shoot a free throw. He motioned for the music to be turned down and the staff obliged. After he missed the free throw, he motioned for the music to be turned back up.

OUCH! Gene Edgerson, sporting a poofy, pony-tail thing, couldn't slow down while chasing after a loose ball and ran into Sean Elliott, knocking both into the baseline collection of photographers. Elliott got up slowly and acted like he hurt his back. The big question is why was Gene wearing knee pads on his ankles?

Rough Night: Center Ed Stokes was at the right place at the wrong time all night. His teammates tried to dish him the ball in a variety of fancy methods (no-look, behind the back, drive and dish) but most of the passes caught the big man off guard. He must have mishandled at least five passes.

\ Hot Streak: Jud Buechler missed his first shot, but made his next nine. He was especially effective on fast breaks.

Shut Out: Joe Turner was the only player not to score in the contest.

The Wookie: Before blocking the shot of Flanagan, Sean Rooks could be heard yelling "boo-ya". Later in the game he was called for the foul and stormed after the referee and as he glowered at the ref he yelled, "Aw c'mon, that was a good call."

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