Lauri Markkanen likely to make immediate impact

Sean Miller discusses the type of player he expects Lauri Markkanen to be.

Often times Sean Miller tries to slow down expectations for an incoming player, but that's not the case for Lauri Markkanen.

"He loves the game and I think he will make his mark initially," Miller said. "It will take all freshmen some time to get used to it, but I look at him as being a real positive impact player for us."

Markkanen played well in this past summer's FIBA U20 European Championships  and the level of competition likely helped him prepare for college.

"Not only this summer, but last summer the competition was great," Miller said. "Other than the Olympics, there aren’t many more challenging tournaments then the ones he participated in.

"There will be a number of players that participated in the event he did this summer that will be in this spring’s NBA Draft or future NBA Drafts."

As Markkanen showed this past summer, he has a unique combination of size and skill.

"What he did speaks for itself," Miller said. "His rebounding, his scoring, leading his country. I think he is a very talented player. He is very skilled and a lot of times when you are a skilled frontcourt player you are about 6-foot-8.

"Lauri is 6-foot-11. His size is striking. He looks like a center, but he is very, very skilled shooting the ball."


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