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Rich Rodriguez anxious for improvement

As Arizona's losing streak continues, Rich Rodriguez sees numerous ways the Wildcats can improve.

It’s no secret that Arizona is in need of a win and Rich Rodriguez remains frustrated with certain aspects of Arizona’s performance.

“It is unfortunate that we are not putting four quarters together as far as execution goes, but there are moments during the game that I see us getting better,” Rodriguez said.

“Unfortunately, there is a little bit of other stuff that we are not doing well enough to win games. We aren’t good enough to play poorly at times and win, and we’ve played poorly at times against really good teams and they have beaten us.”

The Wildcats have struggled in the second half this season and Rodriguez points to numerous aspects of the defense as to why.

“It is easy to point to there are different people going in and out because you get banged up, but everybody gets banged up,” he said.

“It does alter things a little; you have to change some of your plans and calls. Some of the young guys are still learning the schemes, but I think it is a combination. 

“We have just had one or two guys at certain times miss an assignment, but it hasn’t been a lot times. You have to give them some credit too.”

Special teams have been one of the more frustrating aspects of the season. 

“I’ve been really frustrated because we work so hard at it, and Ragle has a good plan,” Rodriguez said. 

“Part of it has been a revolving door at some positions because if a guy gets hurt, we don’t want a guy to have to play 80 or 90 plays on offense and defense, and then play another 20 on special teams. We’re revolving some fresh guys in there. 

“In this last game, we didn’t kick the ball as well as we can, but they were just unconscious. Their punter, with just the placement of the ball, he was phenomenal. Their kicker obviously was good too, but their punter made a huge difference in that game.”

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