Dylan Smith taking on unique role

Dylan Smith is comfortable with his new team. Read on to see what his role is and more.

Dylan Smith is unable to play this season due to transfer rules, but is still getting himself acclimated so that he can contribute as much as possible.

The change from UNC-Asheville to Arizona has been one that takes some getting used to. 

“It’s been different,” Smith said. “It is more intense here at Arizona than it was at my last school, but it has been great. I like all of the coaches and players. It’s just a great atmosphere.”

Smith recognized the difference in competition right away, but was prepared for it before he even arrived to Arizona.

“You kind of already know,” Smith said. “Hearing the big names and all that, you kind of expect the competition to be a little better. 

“I have been transitioning to the flow of things pretty well and I am getting used to everything.”

Instead of being upset that he has to sit out a year, Smith is taking a more optimistic approach.

“I know I have some things to work on, so I look at it as an advantage for me,” he said. “It is kind of benefitted me more than I thought because I am working on my weaknesses and improving my strengths.”

As far as Smith is concerned, his main objective is to make his teammates better.

“Pushing them as hard as possible and going at them every practice,” Smith said. “Coach Miller wants me to be aggressive in practice and try to get the guys better and improve them throughout the season. 

“I have the ability to help them improve and be ready to play against the better players in the Pac-12.”

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