10/19 Football Notebook: Arizona's Bye Week

Rich Rodriguez discusses bye week practice, quarterbacks, and more.

* Arizona's bye week allows the coaching staff to focus on more than the next opponent, Stanford. 

"It’s two fold," Rich Rodriguez said. "Certainly the biggest focus is fundamentally working on some technique and fundamentals in all three phases and then a little bit of Stanford prep as well. Today (Wednesday) we had a 15 minutes scrimmage with the young guys as well and let them have some fun.

"I like the enthusiasm and intensity of the young guys. They have been running scout team stuff for seven or eight weeks, so just to run our stuff and have some fun was good."

* There will not be any major changes to personnel as much as the coaching staff will simply adjust its play-calling and strategies.

"More than anything else, we’re kind of assessing what our guys do well and what they don't well and then try to adjust the calls accordingly," Rodriguez said.

* Brandon Dawkins returned from a concussion and Anu Solomon was cleared for more action for the first time since his knee injury. 

"Brandon is practicing and Anu is practicing," Rodriguez said. "It’s the first time in four or five weeks they have both practiced fully."

* Having two quarterbacks allows Arizona to expand the offense a bit as opposed to when Khalil Tate is behind center. 

"Just from a game plan standpoint, you're not as limited as you’re going to be with a 17-year old true freshman," Rodriguez said. "From that standpoint you have a lot more options and more things you can work on.

"When you have a guy that has a little bit of experience or two guys that have a little bit of experience you can run the whole offense."

* In the past few weeks, Rodriguez has mentioned needing to recruit better. On Wednesday, Arizona's head coach went into more detail.

"You always make a few mistakes in recruiting, but probably we weren’t aggressive enough in trying to get certain guys," he said.

"We’re going to get told no a lot and we know that, but we still have to be aggressive in getting some of the top talent. That’s the mindset of the new guys, to be aggressive and try to get some of that top talent."

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