Nic Costa Q&A

The Wildcats will go into Saturday's game against UTEP with a game plan that features two quarterbacks. Both Nic Costa and Ryan O'Hara will see time and a starter may not be announced to the public until game time. Nic Costa gave his thoughts on the situation in a Q&A.

Are you anxious?
Nic Costa: Yeah, I am. I'm ready to get this going. I think it will be exciting.

Does it matter what kind of rotation Coach Mackovic uses on Saturday? Have you thought much about it?
Costa: I really haven't. It's not really up to me. All I can do is go out there when I get my opportunity to play and make the most of it.

With the inexperience of the quarterbacks in this game do you anticipate a lot of blitzing?
Costa: Of course. I think even with a veteran you have to attack him. Especially because both Ryan and I don't have a lot of experience, they're going to come after us and see how we handle the blitz, how we handle the pressure. Hopefully we can make some big plays.

What do you think of the charting system the coaches use to evaluate you guys?
Costa: I've never seen it. He doesn't show it to us. I'm kind of in the dark about that?

So what does Coach Hecklinski tell you guys?
Costa: He doesn't tell us anything. He just tells us that we have two good quarterbacks and we're both going to play in the preseason.

Have they said anything about exactly when they'll tell you who will get the first snaps?
Costa: No. I still don't know anything about that. It will be based on how we do in practice this week. We'll see.

Could you see yourself coming to the stadium on Saturday and still not knowing? Would you be prepared either way?
Costa: I'll be prepared either way, but I'd assume a starter will be named before then so he can be prepared and the guy who will back up will know the role he is going to play. I would assume the decision would be made known before we come to the stadium. It could be in the hotel on Friday or Saturday, but I'm sure it will be made known before we get into the locker room on Saturday.

Would you like to sleep on it or would you just rather go into Saturday knowing you will both be playing roughly the same amount and not worry about it?
Costa: I would like to know as soon as possible honestly, but it doesn't really matter in preparation because we are both going to get a lot of playing time. It doesn't really matter either way, but for my own personal well being, who's doing what, when and where, I'd like to know. If I'm not told until game day, I'm not told until game day and so be it.

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