Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. Stanford picks the winner of Arizona vs. Stanford.

Ben White: Despite the bye week, Arizona still has numerous question marks on both sides of the ball and with it facing arguably the best running back in college football, I have a hard time seeing them win this game. 

Injuries and lack of depth at the running back position have forced the Wildcats to start a slot receiver in the backfield and as we saw with Tyrell Johnson, that’s simply a recipe for disaster. On top of that, Arizona is likely to start Anu Solomon at quarterback after missing 6 weeks due to a knee injury. Given Solomon's inability to make plays out of the pocket, Stanford’s front seven should have no problem putting pressure on him all night long. 

The talent level is just not there for the Wildcats and even though they are facing an inconsistent Stanford team that has had problems staying healthy and protecting the quarterback, the players they are putting out on the field are simply better than Arizona’s. That should be a lock in itself. 

Stanford 28, Arizona 17

Overall: 7-0

Cody James Martin: I’ve gone back and forth on this game because Arizona is in desperate need of a win. Stanford is having a bad year, but Arizona is a sinking ship. The old saying that if you have two starting quarterbacks, you really have none can apply to both teams here, but even if you call the QB situation a wash, Stanford beats out Arizona at just about every single other position including running back.

I expect the Wildcats to get a heavy dose of Christian McCaffrey and while I applaud what Marcel Yates has done thus far, I just don't think that Arizona's defense can stop him. 

Stanford 35, Arizona 21

Overall: 5-2

Michael Luke: As much as I would like to, I don't think I'm going to pick Arizona to win anymore games, though the Oregon State game is a possibility.

There are just too many unknown factors regarding this team right now, and without having a reliable running game and a defense that lacks depth and size, this team seems vulnerable, even to a subpar Stanford team.

Stanford 21 Arizona 13

Overall: 4-3

Jason Scheer: Stanford is bigger, probably faster, and likely the better team. However, this is still a very winnable game for Arizona. I get the feeling that Arizona is going to start Anu Solomon and throw the ball quite a bit, but even if it doesn’t, you have to think that the offense will be better coming off a bye week.

Samajie Grant doesn’t need to be a dynamic runner, but he has to be good enough for Stanford to at least respect it. The Cardinal secondary has not been good at all this season and Stanford is missing a game-changing linebacker that it is had for quite some time now.

I think Arizona’s defense will show a new look against Stanford it will will be good enough to hold a bad Stanford offense in check just enough to get the victory.

Arizona 27, Stanford 24

Overall: 6-1

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