Ryan O'Hara Q&A

John Mackovic reiterated at the end of Tuesday's rain shortened practice that a starting quarterback for the UTEP game would not be named until later in the week, most likely on game day. Ryan O'Hara, one of the two young men in contention for the start, discussed the situation and why it is who plays well and not who plays first that is really important.

How high is your curiosity level for who is going to be the starter?
Ryan O'Hara: It doesn't matter, we're both going to play either way it goes.

In a way it really does matter, doesn't it?
O'Hara: No, it really doesn't matter. Not really, we're both going to be playing out there. Whoever is playing the best will stay in.

Do you have a preference on how Coach Mackovic rotates you guys, by series, by quarter?
O'Hara: I need 2-3 series to get into a rhythm.

Would you rather have a few days notice on who will be the starter, or would a game time decision be fine?
O'Hara: I don't care if I'm notified as the starter before the game, during the game or after the game. I'll just be prepared this week. I'll go as hard as I can in practice and I'll be ready to play whether I come in off the bench or start with the first series. Either way it goes I'll be ready, so I'm not too worried about starting.

How much film on UTEP have you watched?
O'Hara: A whole lot. I watched UTEP all summer.

What are you expecting?
O'Hara: I expect a big offensive performance. We have a lot of threats. I want to come out there and show that we are an explosive offensive unit.

Do you expect them to throw a lot of blitzes at you, being that both you and Nic are inexperienced?
O'Hara: Yeah, they're going to blitz us, but we've got some good plans for them. Can't say what we're going to do exactly, but we have some good plans.

How eager and ready is this team to hit the team for real this week?
O'Hara: I think this team is extremely eager. We want to get past what happened last year and prove that we are for real this year. That it is a different team. We have a lot of new players stepping into positions and playing. We're looking forward to going out there and showing them we can make big plays.

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