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Brandon Dawkins working to improve

Brandon Dawkins is working everyday to improve as a quarterback. Read on to see his mindset during the process and more.

Brandon Dawkins knows he is not the perfect quarterback, but he is continuing on improving ever facet of his game.

“I feel like every week I have been trying to improve on that and progress in the offense,” Dawkins said. “It takes time and repetition. We are working on it every day, so execution comes with time, effort, and work.”

Even though there is some work to be done, there is no doubt that Dawkins has progressed since last season. 

“Compared to my first game, especially compared to ASU last year, it is night and day as far as being comfortable, throwing and running the ball, and executing the offense the way it should be executed,” Dawkins said.

Due to the fact that Dawkins is more experienced, he feels the coaching staff trusts him to run more of the offense. 

“I’m comfortable with everything,” Dawkins said. “Against ASU last season I had everything down, but execution wise not getting any reps, they weren't going to trust me with certain plays I didn't run once in practice. 

“Now that I have run everything for pretty much a year, especially in the offseason, I am a lot more comfortable with everything.”

There's room for improvement in practice, but there’s nothing like a game environment to help Dawkins’ improvement.

“Practice is where you learn, but being in there in the heat of the game, there’s no experience like that,” Dawkins said.

“In journalism you're not going to interview your friends all day and be good at it, if you come out here and do this stuff you’ll get better at it.”

Similar to last weekend against Stanford, Dawkins and Anu Solomon are expected to split reps in some fashion.

“We had a plan,” Dawkins said. “We knew we would be switching off in that game, so me hurting my knee was a minor thing, but something I could have played through and did play through. 

“It is just part of the game. No matter what the scoreboard looks like, we need to not pay attention to that. We need to pay attention to our part and execute on offense.”

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