Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. WSU picks the winner of Arizona vs. Washington State.

Michael Luke: This is a classic case of teams heading in the opposite directions. Due to injuries and poor talent evaluation, Arizona is putting out arguably its worst product over the last 20 years. Conversely, Washington State is fielding its best team since the Mike Price era.

Expect Arizona to play hard early, but don't look for the pass defense to hold up after the first few series.

Arizona will be forced into chasing points by the end of the first quarter before eventually succumbing in a big way to the eventual 2016 Pac 12 Champion.

Washington State 49, Arizona 14

Overall: 5-3

Ben White: Regardless of injuries and what Rich Rodriguez says, this team is not equipped to win a game for the rest of the season. They’ve shown week after week that they are not a competitive group and that won’t change against Washington State’s high-powered spread offense.

There are too many holes at every position for Arizona and when looking at the offensive talent it is going to face, I don’t see how the Wildcats slow down Luke Falk, who possesses the best talents of any quarterback Arizona has seen all season. The young and inexperienced secondary will give up big plays and the Cougars won’t take the foot off the gas pedal.

Washington State 45, Arizona 17

Overall: 8-0

Cody Martin: Let's face it. On the outside, this probably looks like one of those games that Arizona wins and it should. That isn't going to happen. This Arizona team won't be able to stop Washington State more than a handful of times and I expect the Cougars to score in droves.

Washington State 45, Arizona 13

Overall: 6-2

Jason Scheer: Washington State has spent as much time at Robert Barber's hearing than the practice field and I do wonder if that is a distraction. However, even if it is, you have to think that Arizona's offense will continue to struggle against one of the better defenses in the conference.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if this game is close at half, but Washington State just has too much for Arizona to be able to handle for four quarters.

Washington State 35, Arizona 17

Overall: 6-2


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