Arizona Football Notebook: Monday Presser

Rich Rodriguez discusses quarterbacks, personnel, and more.

* Rich Rodriguez classified Anu Solomon’s performance on Saturday as one with mixed results.

“He made some good plays and then some where you were confused as to what just happened,” Rodriguez said. “I think he’s just trying to make some plays, and he’s excited to be playing again. 

“We will keep working with him and Brandon [Dawkins], and we’ll play both of them. We’ll see how they play this week, but we have got to get productive play out of it. We have to try and get them in a position to make some plays and limit penalties.”

* Cam Denson put together his best game yet at wide receiver and he appears to be in line for more playing time moving forward.

“He got the start on Saturday because he deserved the start,” Rodriguez said. “Cedric Peterson is out for the year with a broken foot, plus Samajie Grant is playing tailback. Cam made some plays and he did some things that were off-assignment. We’ll keep working with him as he is a talented guy.”

* With Colorado coming to town Saturday, Rodriguez spoke highly of the season the Buffs have put together.

“We saw it a lot last year where they had some bad luck and a few injuries,” he said. “This year, they are a veteran group with eight seniors on defense, and four or five of them are fifth year guys. 

“They’ve stayed healthy, they’ve played hard, they’re well coached and they have a lot of confidence right now. They’re not only taking care of the ball, but also throughout the year taking care of the ball and creating turnovers. They’re playing really good football and we’ll get a really good team coming here on Saturday night.”

* Samajie Grant is improving at running back and will finish the season in the backfield.

“He’s doing pretty well for a guy that’s only played there for two weeks,” Rodriguez said. “He’s blocking well when he has to block, and he’s made some good runs. 

“We have to do a better job up front of giving him some creases. He’ll be there the rest of the year. He’s a competitive guy and he’s been playing really hard. I’m glad he’s there.”

* Defensive lineman Parker Zellers has taken an active role in making sure that his teammates stay positive.

“Some people have heard it plenty of times and understand what you’re saying,” Zellers said.They hop onboard. The key is to get everyone onboard. When things aren’t going your way, it becomes easy to mentally checkout, and I like to keep people upbeat. 

“There is always a chance to make a play and for people to get better. I like to keep peoples’ energy up, and in a game like that, it’s hard to stay upbeat. Regardless of what is going on, I try to tell people that you still have to play 110% on every play.”

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