Simmons shows confidence in Arizona win

Kobi Simmons was confident in his first collegiate game. Read on for more.

When Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn made a three-pointer to tie the game at 63, Sean Miller knew right away who he wanted to get the ball to.

"Putting the ball in Allen's hands in that situation was I think the smart move and he did a great job finishing," Miller said.

Arizona almost did not get to that point, as the Wildcats fell down 17-2 early in the game.

"We just got off to a terrible start, but a lot of times when you're not at home and you get off to a slow start," Miller said. ''You don't necessarily put it behind you, but we did and I credit our team for being able to do that."

One of the main reasons why the Wildcats were even able to get back into the game was the play of freshman Kobi Simmons.

"Kobi Simmons, for a freshman, showed a lot of confidence, a lot of ability," Miller said. “We went into halftime and I think he had 15 of our 34 points, and that's a big reason we got back in the game.

“He has a lot of talent. We watch him every day and I think the best is yet to come for him, too.’'

For Simmons, the confidence comes naturally.

"I feel like you have to have confidence when you step on the floor,'' Simmons said. ''My teammates know what we need to do, and I came in and just sparked the movement."

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