Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. Colorado picks the winner of Arizona vs. Colorado.

Michael Luke: From now on my game predictions will be about the state of the program that Arizona is facing.

Colorado is trending up in a big way, despite not having the highest rated recruits,  Mike McIntyre has been able to hit on enough prospects in EACH class and it really is remarkable that there isn't much dead weight in any class.

As far as the game goes, it doesn't really matter who is behind center for Colorado . 

Either quarterback is good enough to roast Arizona's defense. 

The only thing that can salvage this season for Arizona in my book is to play Cam Denson and target him 10 times a game. 

Colorado 28, Arizona 13

Overall: 6-3

Ben White: A new week for Arizona football which means, you guessed it, another loss. The talent on this team is unacceptably bad and with a relentless Colorado team who plays extremely well on both sides of the ball coming to town, this should be another ugly game. 

Expect Colorado and Sefo Liufau to exploit the defense early on and put countless points on the board. This is a Buffs team that averages 34 points per game and they could easily have that amount by halftime. 

If Arizona’s defense can show up and if Anu Solomon and Brandon Dawkins can play slightly above average, it will have somewhat of a chance. Regardless, this seems like another hopeless game and Colorado will run Arizona off of their own field. 

Colorado 52, Arizona 13

Overall: 9-0

Cody Martin: Last week Arizona got rolled by one of the best offenses in the conference. This week it goes up against one of the best defenses. Colorado has turned the corner this season and is looking for a PAC-12 South title.

With that being said, Arizona is heading in the opposite direction this year and is slowly declining in performance each week. Unless Colorado has a complete meltdown, the Buffs win this one going away.

Colorado 42. Arizona 3

Overall: 7-2

Jason Scheer: Arizona isn’t very good, the defense will play poor, Arizona can’t score blah blah blah. We know the drill, but there’s no fun in it so let’s take the opposite route and see if we can hit.

Anu Solomon gets the start and the offensive line plays well enough to give him time to find the shallow routes in the sidelines. 

Sefo Liufau continues the poor play we have seen from him the last two weeks and Arizona does enough run blitzing to make sure the Buffs don’t go crazy.

Sure, this is a ridiculous pick, but the Pac-12 is good for one ridiculous upset a year so might as well have it happen in Tucson.

Arizona 28, Colorado 27

Overall: 7-2

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