Anu Solomon not giving up hope

Anu Solomon has not given up on the season. Read on to see how his mentality has changed and more.

There’s no doubt that Arizona played brutally bad on all three phases of the football against Washington State, but Anu Solomon admits that losing sixth straight games is something he’s not accustomed to.

“It’s totally new,” Solomon said. “Like damn. That’s just how I describe all of this because it’s so new to me.

“I’ve never experienced a losing season and I’ve never experienced this type of environment and the bad in Tucson. Everything was so good my freshman year, but things can change so fast.”

Despite poise under center, Solomon committed some uncharacteristic errors that pinned Arizona’s offense back significantly. The unit lacked rhythm for the entire duration of the game and that made Solomon’s process of returning much more frustrating.

“I was just trying to make some plays bigger than they were,” he said. “I just saw people out there and obviously I got away with the first one, but the second and third one I just felt that people were drawn.

“I’ve done those types of laterals at practice and it’s worked well. Maybe I was just rusty on those plays.”

Nevertheless, Solomon is thrilled to be back on the football field and intends to make the most out of his experience with the remaining games to come.

“It’s just great to be back out there,” Solomon said. “I missed it a lot. It was a long six weeks for me and when you have all that time you really start thinking a lot.

“You question yourself and you start to not believe in yourself at all and the team with they way things are going and that’s a terrible feeling.

“I realized I’ve always loved football and I felt silly for thinking the way that I did. People were looking up to me and I knew I had to get back to being myself. This season has definitely been not only a football lesson, but a life lesson. It builds your character with all the losing going on and you just have to keep reminding everyone.

“You can’t give up hope. We’re going to play our asses off and try to win the rest of these games.”

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