Staff Predictions: Arizona vs. Oregon State picks the winner of Arizona vs. Oregon State

Michael Luke: In staying with my promise to not break down anything UA football related in the game predictions, let's talk about Oregon State.

Sure the Beavers have two wins, but they are getting closer, similar to Colorado a few years ago.

This is all because of Gary Andersen. To put it mildly, Andersen is one of the best coaches in the nation that nobody talks about and is one of the best motivators around (A leader of men, if you will)

While this team is lacking talent, there is a stable of good running backs available that should be able to run at Arizona all evening.

This will be a telling game to see if the UA players are still battling.

Oregon State 28 Arizona 13

Overall: 7-3

Ben White: Despite Oregon State's struggles this season and statistically having one of the worst offenses in the Pac-12, there's still no way I can pick Arizona to win this game on the road.

Beavers Quarterback Marcus McMarylon has played extremely well and will likely expose the pass game early to test Arizona's shaky secondary.

Furthermore, running back Artavis Pierce is averaging five yards a carry and expect that the be a problem for Arizona's defense all night long. 

Rich Rodriguez is yet to name a quarterback this season and that's because both of Dawkins and Solomon have not met expectations.

If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback and Arizona's offense will continue to suffer from it. This game will be closer than anticipated, but Oregon State will pull away towards the end. 

Oregon State 24, Arizona 17

Overall: 10-0

Cody Martin: Let's get rid of all suspense right off the bat. Arizona isn't winning this game. The Wildcats aren't a very good football team and that isn't going to change overnight.

The team has been growing less and less competitive each week while the opponent on the other side of the ball is doing the exact opposite.

Oregon State 31, Arizona 14

Overall: 8-2

Jason Scheer: There aren't many people picking Arizona here and while I get why, it's not as if Oregon State is a good team. The Beavers have one of the worst run defenses in the country and Samajie Grant should be able to put together a good game.

The issue I have is that Arizona just isn't healthy right now and with Paul Magloire likely out and the possibility of Arizona's right side of the offensive line out as well, it's hard to pick the Wildcats to win on the road. 

Oregon State 31, Arizona 27

Overall: 7-3

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