Win over ASU brings reasons for optimism

Arizona's win over ASU should be reason for optimism. Read on to see why and more.

Arizona’s win in the Territorial Cup may not have put it in a bowl game, but it did allow some reason for optimism.

“We’re capable of being pretty good,” Rich Rodriguez said. “This doesn’t erase what was a tough year for us, but with what is going on with recruiting and what we have with our younger players, we’re going to be okay. 

“We’re going to be better than okay. Sometimes you have to get out there and bounce up and down, but we’ll bounce back up.”

For senior Sani Fuimaono, the win over ASU was the perfect ending to his career.

“There isn’t a greater feeling than sending them home,” he said. “We couldn’t go to a bowl, so we figured they shouldn’t go to a bowl either. It’s a great way to top off our season and send our boys out with a win.”

Throughout the lows this season, senior linebacker Paul Magloire kept perspective.

“You might say things were going bad, but I’m the person that started out in junior college,” he said.

“I’ve been around the block. Sometimes things aren’t great, but you never stay in that area for too long. 

“Things always get better. All the bad times that you’ve had, the next week you’re feeling good again.”

He may no longer be a direct part of it, but Magloire is confident in the future of the program.

“The future of this program is very bright,” he said. “The coaches are doing a good job and I am excited for them.”

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