Wildcats' Bay Area sweep impressive

Sean Miller discusses why the the win over Stanford was impressive.

Arizona couldn’t have had an easier time dismantling Stanford Sunday evening. The performance was nothing short of dominance from its players up front, which accounted for 46 of it’s 91 total points.

For Sean Miller, overcoming the adversity of playing during the holidays was a major learning experience that shouldn't be overlooked.

“The thing that I’m most pleased about is that I think our team collectively deserves a lot of credit because it’s very difficult to juggle holiday week,” Miller said.

“We have players from all over the country and although they had their break, any time you have your team traveling back on Christmas Day.

"It’s not an easy thing. It doesn’t feel right and I’m proud of our guys for the way they’ve played these past two games.”

Chance Comanche had the best game of his career, finishing with 13 points on five for six shooting from the field. The sophomore’s performance was one of the big reasons to why Arizona overwhelmingly dictated the game from start to end.

“We have seen this in Chance from really the beginning of school,” he said. “Sometimes you practice well but it hasn’t yet gotten to the game. Now it’s starting to show in the game.

“It’s exciting to see because he has a lot of ability. No doubt he gives us more depth, he gives us more firepower, and he has really helped us. Confidence with all the young players is where it starts, and this is the most confident I have seen Chance as a player.”

Miller continues to benefit from the size and defensive abilities of Arizona's starting five and knows that those efforts will help tremendously moving forward.

“Stanford scored 93 points two days ago and today we only held them to 52,” Miller said. “Maybe they didn’t play as well, but I thought there were times in the game where our defense was really good.

“The one thing about our defense that we have going for us is the overall size of our team. In large part, we have the ability to have two seven footers in the game at the same time for about 25 to 30 minutes.

"When you're around the basket those shots aren’t as easy, especially with the big physical defenders that we have."

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