Chris Green will take visits

Defensive lineman Chris Green is planning on taking three visits. Read on for more.

Arizona is looking to close out the 2017 recruiting class with a couple space eaters, and if the coaching staff has its way Los Angeles (Calif.) High School defensive tackle Chris Green will be one of the last commits.

“I’m looking right now at Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada,” Green said. “I haven’t been able to take visits yet, but I’m going to visit all of them hopefully this month and then make a decision soon after. Like I said, I don’t have dates set up but I will figure that out soon.”

Green sees positives in all three schools.

“Nevada is interesting because it’s a pretty good program and they just hired my coach," he said. "That isn’t going to be the biggest factor or anything and when I get there I want really check the place and just go on my own with the team and see what the atmosphere is like.

“Arizona, I like because it’s in the Pac 12 and they need guys like me to play immediately and the coaches all seem cool. Plus, it’s close to home so people could see me play

“Hawaii, I don’t really know a ton about other than the fact that it’s Hawaii and it’s a beautiful place. Im curious to see.”

The three-star lineman is glad that he waited to make a decision.

“I got to see all the schools that were really interested in me," he said. "That matters to me. Now, I just need to find the very best choice for me.”

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