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Utah poses challenges for Arizona

Sean Miller believes Utah has been difficult to scout. Read on to see why that is and more.

When Sean Miller went to scout Utah, he noticed that numerous players had already missed games due to transfer or injury, thus making Miller’s job slightly more difficult.

“If you look at Utah, you can really only judge them on a three game spread because thats the team we’re getting ready to play,” Miller said. “I look at them as being one of the top four teams in our conference. 

“They have a great coach. Based on their team, you almost need a media guide to familiarize yourself with them because they experienced so much change in the off season.”

Miller’s scouting has basically only been based on Pac-12 play.

“It’s hard to watch them in non-conference because they added arguably their two best players, certainly two of their three best players, in David Collette and Sedrick Barefield,” Miller said.

“Those guys have only played in five games and in those five games for Utah they have combined to average 30 points. 

“If you think of the firepower Utah just added, you almost have to judge them on only the games those guys played.”

Collette is a transfer from Utah State and has been the Utes’ most efficient player to date.

“Collette is as crafty and intelligent as a low post player I’ve seen,” Miller said. “You can tell he is older. Shoots 65 percent from the floor and does it very efficiently. 

“It’s striking to look at how easy it is for him to score. I look at Collette as somebody that has a really bright future.”

In addition, another newcomer is SMU transfer Sedrick Barefield, who recently scored 35 points against San Francisco.

“Barefield remains me of MoMo Jones a lot in that he is strong physically, believes in himself, can get his own shot, and scores,” Miller said.

“Those guys are tough to deal with because they have confidence and can get their own shot at the end of the clock.”

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