Arizona visit impresses Anthony Pandy

Linebacker Anthony Pandy took a visit to Arizona this past weekend. Read on to see how it went and more.

Harbor City (Cali.) Narbonne 2017 linebacker Anthony Pandy has developed into one of the better players out west and more schools are directing their attention towards the versatile three-star.

Pandy visited Arizona this past weekend and came away with a positive perspective.

“I thought it was a really good visit,” Pandy said. “Everyone on the coaching staff is very positive over there and I could see myself fitting in. I also liked the atmosphere with all the recruits being there. They are trying to build something special there.

“The coaches and players talked to me about campus life and being able to experience that was great. I have some friends already moved in here so I was able to get a feel for a lot of things by spending time with them.”

Pandy has maintained a strong relationship with Marcel Yates, which was further exemplified in the coach's message to compete for a starting position immediately as a top target.

“Coach Yates talked to me about how this is his first full year recruiting at Arizona,” he said. “Last year they didn’t really get to recruit. This year it’s his staff’s recruiting class so they will work everyone a lot.

“Everyone is going to have a chance to start, but you’re going to have to put in the work. He’s not guaranteeing anyone a starting spot for sure but if you put in the work, you’ll get it.”

Arizona feels that Pandy is equipped to play multiple positions.

“They want me to play at outside linebacker,” Pandy said. “ I know I can be aggressive at inside or outside and I’ll do what coaches want me to do. Whatever it takes to be successful.”

With February 1st quickly approaching, Pandy is expected to make a decision following his visits.

“I’m going to visit Washington State this coming weekend,” he said. “I will also visit Oregon or Boise State on the 27th and that will be my last visit.

“I will make my decision on National Signing Day. I’m going to end up wherever I feel the most comfortable and where I can see myself for the next four years.”

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