Kurtis Brown ready to attack

Kurtis Brown is ready to be a part of an aggressive defense. Read on to see what he says about his future and more.

Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty High School linebacker Kurtis Brown is considered one of the quickest interior lineman in the west and while the commit held several legitimate power five offers, Brown knew that Arizona was the best place to display his skill set all along. 

"When I was getting my offers I wanted to be at a place where I knew I belonged," Brown said. "It was all about where I felt comfortable and who I felt comfortable with.

"Coach Amey’s relationship with me is just on a different level from the rest of the schools. When I visited I knew this was my school and I wasn’t going to waste another coach's time looking at other places.”

Vince Amey and Brown share a special bond beyond just the football field and that was one of his biggest deciding factors throughout the entire recruiting process.

"He’s more than just a coach," he said. "Coach Amey is like your best friend and we don’t have to talk ball every single time we get together.

"I’ve been able to talk about life and other stuff like that one game or moment with him. It’s not just about football and I love that he has an open door policy. The relationship that we have is second to none."

Arizona has translated to a more aggressive style of play under Marcel Yates, and that's something that Brown has kept a close eye on.

"We’re going to win ball games by attacking," he said. "I thought Arizona did a pretty good job with that last season and I know our class is going to build on it further.

"It’s all about creating a lot of pressure and forcing turnovers. This has been the message with Marcel Yates and the whole staff and I believe that I can fit that type of hard edge role.”

The coaches feel that Brown is equipped to play several different positions on the defensive line.

"They think that I am very fast for a defensive lineman and Coach Amey told me they could use those abilities right away," Brown said. "I could play three, one and defensive end.

"It’s been stressed with all of us that all of the high school guys have to come in and work hard while listening to the coaches. As long as I do my job and my part I know I'm going to get on the field."

Despite being one of the best-conditioned players in the class, Brown understands that there are major areas of his game that need to be improved.

“I weighed around 265 pounds when they offered me and I eventually realized that wasn’t going to work at the next level," he said. " I’ve been able to get my weight up to around 285.

"The coaches like me at that weight because I’m still fast and can use my hands at the line of scrimmage very well. I want to make sure that I’m the best situation possible to do my job well. 

"I’m just going to try and take in everything the best I can and learn from the older guys. What they’ve done and the mistakes they’ve made will be a learning experience and help me become a better player. I just want to get on the field and help the team.”

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