Safety Scott Young is ready to play immediately

Safety Scott Young believe that he can play right away. Read on to see why that is and more.

All of Arizona’s 2017 signees have goals and aspirations, but none may be higher than that of La Mesa (Calif.) Helix safety Scott Young.

The defensive back made one thing clear prior to signing day and that was that he was preparing to come in and help make an immediate impact.

“I feel like I can come in and play right away,” Young said. “There is playing time there available and I feel like there is a good chance I can help make a difference right away. I just want to help put Arizona back on top.

“I want to come in and play right away. My goal is to get there, work hard, and be a Freshman All-American.”

Young has already started his off-season workouts and knows what he needs to do in order to get ready for his time at Arizona.

“I’ve been doing a lot of speed training and strength training. I need to get my footwork better than it is right now. I’ve been working hard and I need to keep it up until it is time to get out there and put it all together.”

With his future at Arizona ahead of him, the defensive back is also relieved that the recruiting process is behind him.

“I’m ready to get the recruiting process over with,” he said. “I’ve been solid with Arizona and I’m locked in, but there were some schools that were still trying to switch me and I kept having to tell them I was solid.”

Young is even having a signing day event at his school, but wasn’t too intrigued by the idea.

“We are having a signing day event at my school, but I’m not sure how big it is going to be,” Young said. “I’m not really about making it a big deal. I just want to sign the papers to make it official and get out there.

Part of the recruiting process involved having to deal with some of the coaching changes at his future school.

“I’m ready to get in and start working with the coaches. There were a few coaching changes, but it didn’t really bother me too much. That is really just guys making business decisions and it’s understandable. Now, I am with the Arizona coaches and those are the guys I’m focused on and those are the ones I am going to be with for the next four years.”

What helped the Wildcats through some of the transition was the style of defense that Arizona will keep on the field.

“I love that Arizona plays with five DBs. They keep five on the field at all times and it’s a fun defense to play because there are so many looks. There are a lot of zone packages and some solid man-to-man stuff. They blitz different guys and it helps to keep the offense guessing.”

The other key for Arizona was the relationship that Young developed with the coaching staff while on his visits to Tucson.

“I love the whole coaching staff,“ Young said. “They have always been up front with me and they have always kept it one hundred with me. They preach a family atmosphere and you can see it with the players, the university, and the whole team.

“I’m excited to get there and start the season. I know I get there and have to go through the whole summer, but I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m ready to get on the field and get to work.”

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