Arizona signee Kylan Wilborn believes in Arizona

Kylan Wilborn discusses how he trusts the Arizona coaching staff and more.

The recruiting process is a tough one for most schools and is made even tougher when there is some turnover in coaching at a position that needs bodies.

Arizona was in desperate need of depth at linebacker and was able to hold onto Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame linebacker Kylan Wilborn due to a strong connection with the current staff.

“I was extremely happy with my commitment through the entire process," Wilborn said. "Nothing ever really made me feel the need or want to change or anything. Everything felt good with the school and the coaches. I’m very happy with where I’m at.”

After Marcel Yates switched from coaching linebackers to defensive backs, Arizona hired Scott Boone from Nevada and Wilborn was one of the new coach’s first calls.

“Coach Boone is a great coach and I’m happy to be working with him," Wilborn said. "I got to sit and talk with him all weekend and I got to pick his brain and understand his philosophies.

"I got to understand what he wants in a linebacker and what he wants from the hybrid position. He’s a different teacher, but he has tons of experience to share.”

Wilborn admits that he wasn’t concerned about the change and didn’t approach anything differently.

“Nothing really changed with the coaching staff for me and I wasn’t that worried about it,” Wilborn said. “I’m coming in with the mentality that I want to be the best and play hard so I can play early.

"I’m taking the same approach whether it was going to be Coach Yates who was working with me or Coach Boone.”

The linebacker did notice that there is a slight difference between Yates and Boone in terms of coaching.

“Coach Boone emphasizes the fact that he wants to be physical,” Wilborn said. “He is a very aggressive guy from what I’ve seen and his whole mentality is that way. I really appreciate that in a coach. Coach Yates is an aggressive coach as well, but Coach Boone is on a whole other level.”

Now that Wilborn has officially signed his paperwork, he is looking forward to getting to Tucson and starting to work out with the team.

“I’m going in with the mentality that I am going to bust my butt and do whatever the coaches tell me I need to do and more,” Wilborn said. “Hopefully I am rewarded with some playing time.

"I know that nothing in this game is given to you and has to be earned. I’m not expecting to be given anything or promised anything. I know I have to earn my spot and earn my role. That’s something I’m looking forward to working towards.”

His future position may be up in the air, but Wilborn is willing to play whatever it takes once he gets to campus.

“I’ve been told that the coaches are going to feel my out on the field. They are going to have me play a couple different spots and see where I fit the best at.

"I’m all about making the team better and I just want to win games. Wherever Coach Boone wants to put me is where I’ll go. They’ve been doing this since before I was in diapers so,I trust them.”

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