Edgar Burrola never hesitated to commit to Arizona

Edgar Burrola knew he wanted to go to Arizona before he received an offer. Read on to find out why that is and more.

Las Vegas Desert Pines offensive lineman Edgar Burrola did not need much convincing to go to Arizona.

“Before I even got the offer, I visited with my coach and a couple teammates and I knew I loved it and would commit on site if they offered,” Burrola said.

The 6-foot-6, 295-pound three-star has been able to develop a strong relationship with his future position coach.

“Coach Michalczik is my guy,” Burrola said. “He is a little old school, but I love him as a coach. He is always texting me and just checks in on how I am doing. 

“Most coaches from my experience and a few of my friends are big brothers and he is like a dad kind of figure. I know that I can talk to him off and on the field.”

In addition, Burrola will have his teammates Tony Wallace and Tony Fields at Arizona with him.

“It definitely helped my decision, but I think I would have gone to Arizona regardless,” Burrola said.

“It was all of the recruits, the ones in California and Alabama, we are all cool and close and we are looking forward to making an impact over the next four years.”

In fact the recruits all have a common goal.

“We all got the message that we are the class that will change things there,” Burrola said. “Since then we all got close. 

“We’re different, but we are able to get along. It is easy to fit in them them and we’re all excited.”

Burrola will likely enter Arizona as a tackle, but has the versatility to play multiple positions on the line.

“I think they mentioned playing tackle at first because of my size and length, but I feel more comfortable at guard,” he said. “I think I can adapt at each position though.”

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