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Arizona Signing Day Awards: Best Offensive Player is unanimous in its pick for the best offensive player in Arizona's class.

Ben White: It's hard to make the argument for anyone besides Nathan Tilford. He is a kid who held several legitimate offers to compete at better programs but selected Arizona early in the process for the opportunity to play right away. 

Tilford is a physical back who is extremely tough to bring down in the open field and Arizona has one of the best backfields in college football with the addition. 

Michael Luke:  This one is easy. It stunned many that Arizona was able to get Nathan Tilford to enroll early and that is obviously a huge win for the Arizona program.

Tilford already looks like a college running back and has the speed and size to one day play in the NFL.

He figures to mesh perfectly with J.J. Taylor during the next couple years. Arizona is scary thin at certain positions on the roster, but running back isn’t one of them. 

Tilford is a big reason why.

Cody James Martin: I was going to give Nathan Tilford the award for most immediate impact, but the fact is that Tilford is really the only sure thing in this class in terms of offense. 

Listed as an athlete, Tilford is going to see his time come out of the backfield. Currently, he is the most reliable back on the roster, which says more about the injury concerns of Nick Wilson and J.J. Taylor than it does about Tilford. 

However, the running back is already on campus and that will set him up for a chance to contribute his freshman season and his strong running style should complement Taylor’s as a solid 1-2 punch for years to come.

Jason Scheer: It has to be Nathan Tilford. For starters, he is the freshman that is most physically ready to play right now. 

Tilford had some injury issues in high school and if he doesn’t, he probably has an offer from nearly every team in the country.

He is a unique running back when compared to what Arizona already has on its roster and he will be good enough to get starter carries. 

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