Miller wants loss to be learning experience

Sean Miller wants Saturday's loss to Oregon to be a learning experience. Read on to see what he has to say about the loss and more.

Sean Miller had every right to be angry after Saturday’s loss to Oregon, but he isn’t about to treat the season as if it is over.

“There’s nobody yelling at anybody,” Miller said. “We lost as a team, we lost as a coaching staff and now we will get better because of it and it’s about getting the McKale crowd behind us and taking advantage of our home court. 

“Nobody in our locker room is walking around like the world is caving in. Learn from it and move on.”

It’s no secret that Oregon is one of the best teams in the country, but Saturday’s effort was on a completely different level than we have seen in the past. 

“They certainly were hitting all cylinders,” Miller said. “I hope for everybody’s sake that’s the best they can play. 

“If they have another level beyond that I think they are going to win the national championship and they might anyway.”

As well as Oregon played offensively, its defense presented problems for Arizona as well.

“Coming into the game we knew their defense was terrific,” Miller said. “They have two shot blockers. They are the nation’s number one shot blocking team and you feel that way. 

“A lot of the shots you normally can make you don't get against them and blocked shots ignite their transition. In the first half, among the many and things we did, we really took care of the ball. 

“I thought on a number of occasions we had bad possessions, tentative possessions and maybe we missed a good shot, but we only had four turnovers at the half. 

“Second half we ended up with 13 turnovers, so we had nine turnovers in the second half. They block shots and they turn you over.”

At the end of the game, Miller was generally happy with how Arizona fought.

“In the first half, in the first ten minutes, I thought our defense was really organized,” he said. “They hit some challenged shots, but as the game went on, we broke down. It’s hard. 

“If you're watching the game on television and you’re not here, you don't understand the fever pitch this place was at. 

“When you are losing by 20-25 and they are making every shot, it is not easy to just be in the right place and finish the game. For the most part I thought our guys did a really good job of playing hard to the finish line.”

Now attention turns to the rest of the Pac-12 season as Arizona is still right in the thick of things to win the conference.

“For us, this happens during the course of a long season,” Miller said. “You catch a team once in a while playing their best and coupled with us not being at our best, it’s about putting this behind us and getting ready for Stanford on Thursday.

“We’re 10-1. They’re 10-1. We’re 21-3. They’re 21-3. We’re going home to play Stanford and Cal. They are getting ready to go to USC and UCLA. 

“We have four weeks left until the regular season of college basketball ends and we have had some great, great moments. 

“Today at Oregon we caught a team that is very good, red hot, and they blew us out. For us, it is about learning from it and being as ready  as we can on Wednesday.”

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