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Lineman to vist Tucson again

One of Arizona's premier offensive line recruits that Cat Tracks will be keeping close tabs on is William Wacholz of Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego. He's previously been featured as a strong lean to Arizona and a formal written offer to Wacholz could come any day from Arizona following his opening game against Mira Mesa High.<BR> <A href=""> Deandre Gasaway Q&A</A>

Cat Tracks: Did you go to Tucson for the game against UTEP?
Bill Wacholz: No, I'm going to the LSU game this week.

CT: Have you started your season yet?
BW: We had our first scrimmage on Friday against University of San Diego High School.

CT: How did it go for you?
BW: It went pretty good. I think I had about 7 or 8 knockdowns and dominated, so I think it went pretty good.

CT: Are you going to any other games at the UofA besides LSU?
BW: I'm also going to the Oregon game.

CT: What did you hear about the UTEP game?
BW: I heard they killed UTEP 42-7.

CT: So what do you think about the LSU game?
BW: I think it's going to be close. I know LSU is in the top 25.

CT: Have you heard about the injuries to (Tanner Bell and John Parada) the offensive linemen? Were the coaches at UA talking to you about redshirting?
BW: No, they didn't talk to me about red shirting and it sounds like they don't have much depth along the O-line.

CT: You still doing double duty at that gym?
BW: I was doing that during the summer but not during the season.

CT: When do you play your first game?
BW: We play our first game Friday night against Mira Mesa. Then I'll go to Tucson; they have already sent me the passes.

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