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Arizona basketball remains resilient

If Arizona has been anything this season, it's been consistent. Read on to see what Miller has to say about that consistency and more.

Arizona is currently in first place in the Pac-12 due in large part to its consistency.

“There’s always things that you are trying to improve,” Sean Miller said. “We’re not perfect, we’re the furthest thing from it. 

“There’s always those games you don’t play well or maybe your offense isn’t playing particularly well, but you win the game because of great defense or vice versa. 

“A lot of times seasons are defined by that. When you don't play well, can you still win if the ball isn't going in or you get a couple guys in foul trouble. Does that do you in or can you overcome those things and win? That’s a great quality to have and a quality we have had all year.”

At this point in the season, there isn’t much that the Wildcats haven’t seen.

“We have had players missing, Allonzo out,” Miller said. “We’ve had times where we have had big leads and teams have made epic comebacks and we’ve held on. 

“There’s times where we have made comebacks if you think some of our starters earlier this year. 

“Our team has been a part of everything where we have been good on offense, not good on defense, good on defense, not good on offense, have blown leads, have gotten off to slow starts. Some way we have found a way to be there in the winner’s circle.”

Arizona has only lost three games this season and each came against one of the better teams in the country.

“If you look at our three losses, at Oregon, Gonzaga in Los Angeles, there aren't a lot of teams that are going to win those two games,” Miller said.

“Butler is obviously a great team as well and I think we had a good chance to win that game and didn’t.”

The Wildcats have had numerous close games as of late, but that tends to come with the territory.

“You like to sometimes have a little bit more of a margin at the end of games, but in conference play that doesn't happen a lot, especially when you are the hunted,” Miller said.

“When you play at Arizona, you are going to get teams’ best shots. Teams love to come into McKale and see if they can end our streak or beat us.”

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