Maturity leading to Comanche's success

Chance Comanche's increase in maturity is a big reason for his success. Read on to see why that is and more.

Arizona’s front court played well this past weekend and it continues to improve. One major component of that improvement has been the play of Chance Comanche.

“Chance Comanche is one of our most improved players and one of the most improved players in our conference,” Sean Miller said. 

“If you look at where he was at the beginning of the season and where he is now, he is playing with more confidence, he is smarter, he is more physical, and he understands his role.”

One of the major reasons for Comanche’s play as of late is his maturity.

“As much as we talk about his improvement on the court, he has really grown up off the court,” Miller said. “It is great to see a guy grow up. A lot of times you see it from one season to the next, but in Chance’s case, I think some of the maturity and growth we are actually seeing in the last three or four months during his sophomore year. 

“He has been a big part of our team’s success and what he did in Dusan’s absence speaks for itself. “

Comanche showing maturity wasn’t always the case as he was suspended earlier in the season due to academics.

“We have standards in our program that if you are going to run a quality program, it’s not just about basketball,” Miller said. “It’s not just about the games or practices. It’s more comprehensive than that. 

“Chance is a very talented, smart, young person who has a very bright future. In his case, part of him realizing his goals is to get him to be more mature and more responsible in handling his business and he has done that. 

“Those types of situations sometimes wake you up or head you further in the wrong direction, but he handled that really well. I would like to think that is part of his path to success, that recognizing the importance of doing things right both on and off the court makes you a more complete player. 

“Your teammates trust you more, your coaches trust you more. To become a NBA player and leave college and have a career afterwards, you need more than just talent and he’s realized that.”

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