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Sean Miller breaks down loss to UCLA

Sean Miller discusses what went wrong in Arizona's loss to UCLA.

Sean Miller has moved on to Saturday’s matchup with Arizona State, but not before he reviewed the Wildcats’ loss to UCLA.

Watching the film does not change the major reason why Miller believes Arizona lost that game.

“The fact is they had 13 more shots than we did,” Miller said. “When you play a team as good as they are on offense and you give them 13 more field goal attempts, it is going to be a tough task to beat them.

“That’s really what did us in. What’s really deceptive about it is that in the first half, I think they scored maybe three points on second shots. If you watch the game closely, the first ten minutes of the second half, they weren’t hurting us on the glass.”

However, the last ten minutes of the game cost Arizona.

“When we were down and needed a couple of big stops from really the ten minute mark on down, they killed us on second shots,” Miller said. “That is really what kept a number of their big possessions alive.

“It wasn’t just our big guys, at times it was our guards. They wear you down and spread you out because they play at a fast pace with a lot of movement. I think in some ways we were wore down a little bit and that is something for us to take a look at this week.”

Arizona’s offense struggled for the majority of the half, but Miller is not convinced it is simply a matter of going against a zone defense.

“I know there is a lot that is being talked about in terms of our zone offense versus UCLA’s zone or their improved zone,” Miller said.

“UCLA played their zone 29 times against us. At the end of the day, we had 31 points against those 29 possessions. That’s good. 

“Where it felt funny was the first eight times in the second half they played their zone, we went one for eight. Simultaneously, they caught fire on offense. I used all of our timeouts to stay in the game. 

“If you look at the game it looks like we really struggled against the zone. I think the more accurate statement is for a portion of the second half, we really struggled against their zone and that combined with the 13 second shots is as accurate of an assessment as a coach can get.”

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