For Ricks recruiting can wait.

Nigel Ricks is a competitor. He is also one of the most explosive athletes in Arizona's high school ranks, reportedly running a 4.3 forty yard dash over the summer. Although he played in only seven games last season, the Glendale Cactus speedster rushed for over 1300 yards.

Cat Tracks: Who is recruiting you?
Nigel Ricks: Oregon, UofA, ASU, Notre Dame, UCLA

CT: How did Cactus do last year?
NR: We made it to the second round of state. We beat Millennium in the first round and lost to Tolleson in the second round.

CT: What position do you play for Cactus?
NR: I play running back and wide receiver.

CT: Do you play any defense?
NR: No, our coach doesn't allow us to go both ways. I have fooled around on the defensive side and I could see myself playing a cornerback or safety.

CT: How fast do you run the forty-yard dash on a consistent basis?
NR: I run about a 4.3 or 4.4.

CT: Do you have a list of schools in your top five or top three?
NR: I don't really have a top list of schools. I'm just looking for a team that really wants to improve and is focused on that. I'm not picky at the moment.

CT: Do you have any idea where you will visit?
NR: That is something I really have not even thought about. It's too early to think about visits. I've been more focused on high school. I really want to get my team to the state championship.

CT: Nigel, do you have any idea what you will major in when you get to college?
NR: Well, I've always been more of a hands on person. I've thought of myself as a teacher, so I could see myself going into education. I've also thought about engineering too because I really like computers.

CT: Now you get really good grades don't you?
NR: I wouldn't say really good grades but I stay on the honor roll. I've got about a 3.1 GPA. I've taken the SAT and I'm going to take the ACT.

CT: Why are you taking the ACT. You are already qualified aren't you?
NR: I'm already qualified, but I wasn't happy with my score. I had one of my buddies beat me. I am a pretty competitive guy.

CT: Who is recruiting you for the UofA?
NR: Mike Deal, the OL coach is recruiting me. When I went to their Senior Day, they said he was my recruiter.

CT: With your speed, do you also run track?
NR: I ran track last year for something to do. It was fun. Otherwise I do soccer for something to do during the winter. I've been doing that since I was five.

CT: What summer camps did you attend this year?
NR: I went to the ASU and UCLA summer camp. I did not get to go to the one at UofA.

CT: What position are most schools recruiting you to play?
NR: I believe they are recruiting me as a running back. During the summer they saw me catching the ball and running. But last year, I think I caught ten passes the whole year. When it comes to games, I run the ball a lot more than I catch it.

CT: How big are you now?
NR: I'm 6-0, 180, and hopefully getting bigger.

CT: Who do you play in your first game this year?
NR: We play Scotttsdale Saguaro (tonight). I know they are going to be strong, they've got some athletes.

CT: Are you planning to watch any of the Arizona games this year?
NR: I might go down for one depending on the time, but it is difficult to play your game Friday night and then recover from that and then go travel and focus on watching a game. I know they will play on television against LSU and Oregon and those should be two games I will watch on t.v.

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