Dusan Ristic bounces back

Dusan Ristic discusses his impressive play against Colorado.

Arizona displayed its best offensive performance of the season against Colorado on Thursday night and the improved play of Dusan Ristic was one of the biggest attributes to that.

Ristic finished the night with 15 points and eight rebounds, five of which came in the first 10 minutes of the game.

"I would say that’s because of my teammates, Ristic said. "They really found me in almost every situation, and all credit goes to them. I was just there. I was open, and they found me. I just did what I was supposed to do."

Because of the adversity Arizona has faced throughout the season, playing at one point in time with just seven scholarship players, Ristic believes that has only helped the team hit on all cylinders as of late.

“We’ve gone through a lot together as a team,” he said. “We were playing without our best players a lot of times, and I think that has brought all of us together.

“When you have only seven available guys you have to come together. I think that was the case this year and we learned from that. We grew as a team, and now it's time for us to play the best basketball of the season.”

Ristic had been dealing with ankle sprain over the last four games, but admits the improvement of the condition played a factor into tonight's performance.

“It was kind of weird because I’ve never that type of injury before,” Ristic said. “It slowed me down for a few games and now I would say I’m 100 percent.

“I had to fight through the pain, but today was the first game where I felt comfortable. Hopefully from this point on the ankle continues to get better and better. I feel like I can play my best basketball right now.”

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